The 4 Shoes Every Woman Must Own

I have always had a major obsession with shoes. I enjoy shopping for them, buying them and of course wearing them!  And I know I’m not alone.  Shoes, without a doubt are one item that women love to buy.  So much so that British women admitted in a recent survey to owning an average of 20 pair.  Talk about searching for a sole mate!

I admit that I do have quite a collection myself.  Different styles for different outfits – especially for my work.  But I’m not unlike the women in this survey, which also revealed that whilst the average woman may own 20 pair, she only regularly wears less than half of them.  Which is no surprise to me, because I have four pair that I wear regularly, whether I’m traveling, on tour, etc…they’re my all-occasion, can’t-live-without, go-to shoes.  If you want to keep it simple and stylish, these four styles cover a multitude of clothes, making them the four pair that every woman must own.

1) Casual Glam: These little ballet flats have been a staple of my wardrobe for many years now.  My fave pair is from Office.  They’re sweet, comfortable, easy…and a copy of Chanel!  They go with everything and are completely effortless.

2) Biker Boots – I love my biker boots.  Aside from being completely comfortable, they add a bit of an edge to look.  And there are so many different styles, which makes them great fun.  I love to wear these while I’m traveling because they do go with everything.  One of my favourite shopping sites is Shop Style.  You can find just about anything you want there.

3) Classic Heels – We all need a versatile, classic style that looks great and always seems to outlive the trends.  My favourite currently is a black patent with a mid-height heel, peep toe from Lanvin.  But because this is such a classic style, you can find something similar from a number of different shops.  It’s delicate, elegant and very feminine.

4) Sexy Heels – Shoes, like any accessory, are meant to be fun!  They can take you for a walk on the wild side – literally!  Whether you’re talking handbags, or belts, jewelry or shoes, if you want to be a little daring, these are the areas in which to go for it.  That’s why I recommend owning – and wearing! – at least one pair of shoes that will make you strut when you put them on…For me, this pair of shoes has a high heel – sometimes a stiletto, but with a platform in the front.  I can easily wear these shoes on stage, or out to dinner because they’re actually quite comfortable.

So, how about it ladies…how many shoes do you own?  And, how many of your shoes do you actually wear?

Until next time, xxLu


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