4 Champagne Ideas for Celebrating New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year!!!  I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas.  I certainly did!  One of my favourite gifts was the return of “Absolutely Fabulous” after more than a decade!  The first episode left my stomach sore from excessive laughter.  I will certainly be tuning in on New Year’s Day for episode two, as I’m told it is quite a laugh :) There is so much to celebrate…and that calls for “champagne for Lulu!!!”  Now, I am by no means an expert, despite what Edina Monsoon would have you believe!  But what I love about champagne is that it’s the drink of optimism and celebration.  Whether it’s a new year, a new job, a new baby – when we’re joyous about a new beginning, we turn to Champagne.  So as we all get ready to ring in the new year, I thought what better way than with four ways to enjoy this festive drink on Saturday night?

1) Give Tradition A Twist: This year, instead of just drinking bubbly, try a Champagne cocktail.  There are so many great recipes from ‘fizzes’ to punches to martinis – there’s definitely something for everyone.

2) Variety is the Spice of Life: If you’re hosting a New Year’s celebration, have several varieties of Champagne on hand.  This will ensure you’re properly prepared to meet the varying tastes of your guests, from dry to fruity and so on.  It’s quite fun to do a bit of a tasting, so you’ll need a few different offerings.

3) What’s Cookin’?: Just as wine is an essential ingredient for many recipes, Champagne can also be used in your New Year’s dish.  From lobster and duck to tarts and custards, you can have a full three-course meal with champagne recipes!  But if you opt for non-Champagne recipes, all foods go well with bubbly.

4) The Toast with the Most: An eloquent and heartfelt toast is Champagne’s best companion.  Whether raising a glass with your own words or borrowing words from someone else, the best rule is to keep it short and simple!

However you’re celebrating the arrival of 2012, I hope you do it in good health, surrounded by those you love!





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